The first “book” in Island of Treomynd is now finished on this blog! I’ve decided to take a break for a little while, but don’t worry, I’ll be back soon, I promise! In the meantime, click here to go to the first chapter if you’re new.

How it All Started

On a typical day in fifth grade, I was not paying attention in class and decided to distract myself by coming up with a story.

Out of the blue, an idea came to me that I thought was nothing, but it refused to go by unnoticed.

Over ten years later, my story is dying to be read by others, but there are still several holes I need to patch up.

That is where this blog comes in.  Here I can dabble with my thoughts and hash out descriptions for the internet to see, without giving away too much.

I hope that if you are reading this description and decide to follow this blog, that you will read “Island of Treomynd” (pronounced “tree-oh-min-d”) when it finally comes out to the world, and you will look back on where it all started.

Here’s How the Blog Will Work
I can’t give out too much of the story, but I can tell you this much; The Island of Treomynd does not always exist in this book.

Therefore, I will separate my posts into two sections.  The first section will have posts always starting with “Before the Island” in the title, while the second section will start with “A New World,” where my posts will be set strictly on Treomynd.  This way my readers can somewhat orient themselves within the story.

Music has been a huge inspiration to me during this process, ranging from characters’ personalities to landscapes, so a few posts will even have a song to listen to while you read.  Additionally, if I need to write about something that doesn’t seem to have a place in either section, the title will start with “On a Side Note….”

I want to emphasize that my posts go in chronological order, meaning that my first post is the beginning of the story. So if you’re brand spankin’ new to the blog, then go ahead and click on this nifty link here that will take you directly to my very first post. Otherwise, you’re in for a ton of confusion if you start jumping around. So start reading, and I hope you enjoy exploring this mind-made world!

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