A New World: The Cycle of Grief

If you have stumbled across this site and haven’t read how this blog works on the homepage, stop right here! I mean it! This blog is meant to be a story, and each post is a different chapter. My latest post here is actually the last chapter in this book. So if you hate spoilers, or don’t want to be totally confused, start the story by reading my first post here.¬†Trust me, it will make much more sense! But if you’re reading the story properly, enjoy the last installment of Treomynd!¬†

A somber darkness had made its home on Treomynd. There were several Guardian casualties from that terrible night Atricio invaded the island. The Fire and Air Guardians were lucky to have been far away from the invasion, but the Earth and Water Guardians were not so fortunate. Continue reading “A New World: The Cycle of Grief”